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Jul 24



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God bless always.

Jul 19

Jul 12


These strangely hypnotic gifs are the work of Dundee, Scotland-based illustrator Sam Lyon. He calls them Jelly Gummies. There’s something about these fleshy, pulsating, amorphous creatures - a combination of anthropomorphism, creepiness, and our inexplicable suspicion that they’d be both fun to chew on and pleasing to taste - that makes them awesome.

You can find more of Lyon’s perpetually mutating Jelly Gummies right here on Tumblr at jellygummies. He also has a Jelly Gummies Etsy shop, just in case you’d like to invite some of this wonderfully squishy weirdness into your home.

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Jun 7

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May 11

Out of context comic book theater presents


Out of context comic book theater presents


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Mar 27

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Punching walls, kick’in dicks

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